education and rural community development,environmental education programs,gender and women empowerment initiatives, educational infraestructure in rural communities in Guyana

Guyana was a former colony of the Dutch and, for over 200 years, of the British. It is considered a paradise for nature lovers, and adventure seekers because of its amazing combination of natural beauty, Amazonian rainforests, and wildlife that blends with a vibrant indigenous culture and rich heritage.

More than 80% of Guyana is still covered by forests, ranging from dry evergreen and seasonal forests to montane and lowland evergreen rain forests. These forests are home to more than a thousand species of trees. Guyana's tropical climate, unique geology, and relatively pristine ecosystems support extensive areas of species, rich rain forests and natural habitats.

After a period of exceptionally strong economic performance, Guyana’s growth has stagnated since 1998. The long decline into an economic twilight exacted a high cost, social as well as economic. Most important contemporary development challenges in the country include poor environmental awareness, bad water and sewerage systems, limited access to health, low levels of education, corruption and gender inequality.

Our work:
  • Environmental education programs.
  • Gender and women empowerment initiatives.
  • Educational infraestructure in rural communities.